How to handle our “Missed Classes” from this week.

The Game Plan!

I hope everyone is safe and well. I want to quickly bring you to speed on things for now and when we are back in class on Monday, Sept. 9.

  1. Please plan to discuss Ch. 3 of our book, Old English. If participation in discussions is low, there may be a pop quiz.
  2. Please go ahead and be looking at Ch. 4 to be discussed later next week.
  3. I will also discuss with you Monday the results of our first reading quiz, along with a change to the syllabus/assignments going forward.
  4. I also plan to assign discussion leaders for upcoming chapters in the book.
  5. I am extending the deadline on your first Assignment from Sunday night, Sept. 8 via Moodle to Monday night, Sept. 9 via Moodle to accommodate any last minute questions from you.

Any questions, please email me. 

Dr. Evans


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